Being a Model and Lowering Your Taxes? Yes, Please!

Have you ever wanted a new item of clothing so badly for a new headshot, but you just couldn’t justify the price? What if the item was tax deductible? While you wouldn’t receive a rebate immediately, it might be able to be used as a deduction.


If you are an aspiring model looking to be cast, there are some items you should know which could be claimed against your tax.


Haircare is the best place to start because it truly can be the decider between being hired and being cast-aside.


If you are altering your hair for a particular shoot or role then keep the receipt and speak with your accountant about claiming it against your tax. While regular hair care isn’t covered, special appointments to maintain a certain look can considered.


How about the runway coach you have been paying to keep your walk on point? If you have been benefiting from such services, keep the receipt, make an appointment with an accountant through the Groupon Coupons page for H&R Block, and take it into your accountant to claim.


Just as managers and tradespeople need to maintain their industry knowledge and ability to work with tools, so too much a model train their walk to stay employable.


Nobody likes to pay for headshots; but they’re an essential for the task. If you always groan at the bill when it’s time to update your headshots then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Bring the receipt to your accountant when it’s time to lodge your return and ask to include it in your return.


Of course, makeup is important to all models. Especially those looking to break into the world of fashion modelling. If you are working for a special event which requires you to wear a certain type or style of makeup, then this may be claimable. Make sure you keep all of the receipts for the makeup you buy and label it against the purpose you bought it. Once you have it all, take it with you to lodge your return. You will be surprised how much you can claim.


Modelling is all about looking good, and despite the old adage, looking good doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You just need to know the right tips.


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